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Whether they are seeking to challenge prevailing norms or exploring a counter history full of magic and feminist dissidence, artists can find rich source material in the life and lore of the witch. Waking the Witch, which begins its UK tour at Oriel Davies Gallery, explores this history and the importance of craft, ritual and the land on the ever changing and shape shifting practice of the witch — through the eyes of 15 artists. Among them is Serena Korda, whose Jug Choir, made of brilliantly bastardised witch bottles sporting multiple breasts and spewing ectoplasm, offer surprisingly good acoustic qualities.

Serena Korda, Jug Choir detail. Horgan intertwines her interest in witchcraft with the history of women, the old textiles industry in Scotland and the effects on the means of production of machinery and technology.

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Katarzyna Majak, Maria Ela, a healer and visionary. Courtesy the artist and Porter Advisory.

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The witch in contemporary society is something that Katarzyna Majak has been exploring for some time via her series of powerfully stark portraits of women practitioners of the occult in her native Poland where such deviations from the state religion of Catholicism have either been deeply hidden or have only just taken root. A more speculative search for this buried knowledge and the symbols and tools of pagan belief can be found in the corn dolly sculptures of Cathy Ward, an artist whose work seems to have a magical thread running through all of it.

Here she revives the harvest ritual of weaving a sheaf of grain into a dolly to be inhabited by the corn spirit who resides inside it until spring planting. Fiona Finnegan, Under the Birch Trees, There are many interesting communions with witchery and our natural surroundings in this multi-layered show, which makes many connections to intuitive and magical powers and the history of witchcraft.

And the artworks are helpfully contextualised through archival material, magazines and artworks, as well as loaned artefacts, including magickal tools used by practitioners of the craft. The map goes live when the exhibition opens on September 15 and will evolve to feature embedded podcasts and symbols that respond to the landscapes and histories of each of the touring venues of the exhibition. Candice Lin, The Gender of Smell, Courtesy the artist and Ghebaly Gallery.

Explore the interactive UK map of Witchcraft at www. The exhibition has been developed by Legion Projects, find out more at legion-tv.

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Oriel Davies runs an innovative visual arts exhibitions programme…. Post The bone crunching cave hyenas that tell the story of Creswell Crags The bone crunching cave hyenas that tell the story of Creswell Crags The bone crunching cave hyenas that tell the story of Creswell Crags.

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A must-add for public and academic collections. From personal experience to intriguing knowledge, Grossman breaks the stigmas of what the entertainment industry has made witches out to be, and speaks of the spiritual journey she's discovered within the title. Get ready to be inspired; this witchy offering might make you want to start casting spells yourself! By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. Must redeem within 90 days. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices.

Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power

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