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Just a hunch. The shoes are Chippewa Homestead boots with swapped waxed-canvas laces that I got online. Thanks for noticing. Ha ha ha. If he seemed nervous it was because he could read on her that there was trouble. That whole scene gave me a good laugh. Who thinks they can step to the son of god?! Jesus is about to put the Holy Ghost into these demented spooks.

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Just finished this issue and I am fired up, SO many emotions. Excited to see how puberty screws it all up. And am I the only one who started tearing up when Andrea was recounting the epic tale that is Alexandria? Holy fuck, dude. Jesus is about to all Neo from Matrix Reloaded… You know the chateau scene, epic battle. Also, love the little love triangle seeming to build up with Carl.

The Walking Dead #133 - Impending Doom!!

On that note: Carl! Do not slick you hair back! Clearly these Walker skin-wearing psychos needed a come to Jesus meeting.

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Also…no, Anna. Just no. It always has been and always will be Sophia. Step away you crazy booby flashing fan girl. The Carl love-triangle with Sophia and Anna seemed somewhat cliched, that is until it went full-blown love-square telenovela style with Carl accidentally getting Rosita pregnant. But can you really blame the cliche, though? Not just that but a lot of people look up to him because he was an active participant in the war against Negan at only nine years old.

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Makes him a gem to look up to. Naturally this would result in him being desirable. Are Magna and her group really spies for the Leatherface people? How many Leatherface people will Jesus kill?

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Who will Carl Grimes!!!!!!!! Are the horses in the stable? I almost feel bad for the Whisperers. Messing with Jesus is even harder than posting a comment here.. So many questions. What ever happened to Michonne? Are Magna and her group who they appear to be? Who will Carl Grimes!!!!!!

Does Negan miss Carl? Will Rick ever propose to Andrea?

Brian, my only complaint with the new commenting system is that I just had to install Google Chrome to use it, with IE logging in simply does not work. I think Negan will be an important asset for clearing the leather faces. Now on to the issue. I have been awake for two days now completely sick about this Rosita situation. Seriously, this is going to mess up Eugene big time.

133 – Mercy (S8E1 – 801)

It is unclear whether Rosie identified the father but I bet the storyline becomes Eugene walking around crazy wondering which one did it. How does she now cheat on Eugene? At least Abraham was in love but she acts like this was just a romp. Eugene is a fantastic guy who has meant a great deal to the community. If she loves Eugene and just succumbed to some hot guy for fun then my mind is blown.

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I hate this. I hate all of this. Somebody needs their face ironed. I have spoken. The whisperers are pretty cool villains … they take walker camouflage to a whole new level. Rick and the gang have a big threat on there hands. Maybe not so much in regards to this group invading Alexandria, the Kingdom or the Hilltop but in regards to moving outside the walls.

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It seems like everycommunity is doing well because they are united. Traveling outside seemed somewhat safe the last couple of issues, but there were subtle reminders of what a false sense of security of having stationed guards on the roads. Rick knows everything he and his friends have built hinges on being able to travel between communities.

Like every good leader, Rick is more aware of what can go wrong. I think these pepole are highly sophisticated and may have more advanced mapping capabilities. Two other quick notes on this issue. I have a teenage daughter and that was spot on. He kind of loses some man-points with me now. I really hope there are some repercussions here. I think the group that is talking with Andrea is related with the new zombie dressed group. I think that Jesus is going to have a hard time but is not going to get killed this time,. As someone who is new to the comics, I was hoping I can get a little help.

I see in the comics that we can write to The Walking Dead.

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