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He's not at all concerned about us voicing our conservative political positions. I'm sure he sits back and laughs at those who equate the Great Commission with "making America great again. Because when redeemed lips utter the glories of the slain and resurrected Christ, otherworldly power is released in the spiritual realm.

That's not mystical mumbo jumbo — it's the truth! The Spirit of God rides on the wings of the Word of God to save rebels and energize saints for the glory of God.

When the truths and excellencies of Jesus Christ are communicated, the lost are reconciled and the reconciled are strengthened. There is real power in the name of Jesus, and Satan doesn't want that soul-quickening, faith-strengthening, God-glorifying power put on display.

This is why he launches flaming darts in your direction. He wants to distract you, distress you, and make you feel morally discredited so that you will shut up about Jesus. And he's pretty effective, isn't he? I know I'm silenced easily enough. He plays on my fleshly inclinations toward worldly indulgence, distracting me with food and Netflix and other things that numb my desire to magnify Christ. He pulls at the fear-strings of my heart, knowing how easily I withdraw into anxious silence.


He entices me toward sin because the guilt and shame that follow always make me feel like I'm unworthy to share the gospel. Satan knows the weakest areas of my life and subtly works his dark magic in these spaces, desiring to make me an ineffective ambassador of Jesus Christ. I'm confident most of you can relate to my experiences. So how do we stand firm against the gusting winds of Satan's schemes? The Bible gives us some explicit instructions: draw near to God James , stay sober minded 1 Peter , and put on the whole armor of God Ephesians But it seems like another effective counter measure — and perhaps the inevitable result of following the above instructions — is to do precisely what Satan is attempting to inhibit: be vigilant, outspoken ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

James tells that Satan will flee from us if we resist him James What better way to resist him than by giving our minds, mouths, hands, and feet over to the God-glorifying purposes from which he's trying to keep us? This is a defensive tactic I have recently implemented into my own wranglings with the devil, and it has been powerfully effective.

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About a month ago, anxiety began to terrorize me with unprecedented intensity. It came out of nowhere, concerning things about which I have no valid reason to be so anxious — which leads me to believe it was demonically induced. My initial reaction to this attack was to withdraw from everything and everyone.

I didn't want to write about Jesus, share him with my lost friends and family, or encourage fellow believers in the gospel.

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However, I soon realized that retreating into silence and isolation was only making things worse. I understood this particular anxiety was spiritual in nature and that I needed to resist — not cower to — the demonic forces that were fueling it. So, though I felt utterly void of the energy required to serve the Lord, I resolved, by his grace, to do so anyway.

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