Canoeing and kayaking for people with disabilities

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I never thought I would be able to do this! We did the unexpected! She has severely limited control over the upper half of her body. Because of her lack of arm and hand control, Jane came up with the idea of moving Mark's paddling fixture far enough forward for her to use her feet to paddle the kayak.

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She needed both the paddling fixture and seat adaptation on the Malibu Two. Jane also suffers with spasms and Mark's seat adaptation with the width of the Malibu Two offered more stability for her needs than the solo kayaks.

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The addition of a padded PVC pipe that is secured just at the leading edge of the seat pad effectively deepens the seat-pocket and does a great job of ensuring the paddler does not slide forward and off of the seat-pad. It keeps the paddler seated more upright as much as desired by the paddler , allowing the seat-back and sides to provide a greater level of support. He gave the design concept a very high review and has helped Mark to work out some design challenges.

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  8. On April 1, , Aaron photo right went out on the water for the first time since his Xtreme-Downhill Skiing accident left him a quadriplegic two years earlier. Jack Fischer, photo left is becoming a regular in Mark's group, not only for kayaking, but also for scubadiving. A school teacher in Los Angeles, Jack suffered an accident while training for the Olympics on the parallel bars about 24 years ago that has left him a quadriplegic now for approximately half his life.

    Here, at Abilities In Motion, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy paddling. Our programmes run from the beginning of June to mid September.

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    Outdoor exercise is great for physical and mental health. Participate, Volunteer, Support, Sponsor. We have three locations now:. Our original location in Alliston at.

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    Earl Rowe Provincial Park. Phone no. Ashburn, Whitby -. Paddling sessions must be booked in advance and are 1 hour in length. Program coordinator, Erin Spraggs.

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    Email: getoutside windreachfarm. Location map- Windreach.

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